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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Swim Workout

I like to share some of my workouts occasionally. This was from last week with my Master's Swim Class:

Warm up:
250 freestyle
250 pull buoy(arms only freestyle)

Main Set:
4x200 freestyle- #1, #3 hard effort with 15 sec rest. If you are doing this on your own, time yourself swimming a 200 as fast as you can. Try to maintain this pace now for 1, 3.
#2,#4- stroke count and good form freestyle at a moderate pace(80% effort) again you may take 15 sec. rest after each 200. To figure out your stroke count, swim your best formed freestyle for a 25m/yd distance and try to maintain that stroke count during the 200. A good goal for some advanced swimmers is 18 strokes for a 25m/yd distance.

Kick set:
5x100 flutter kick- these are hard kick effort with 10 sec rest for ea 100. You may choose to mix up your kick set with some back stroke kick. NO fins with this set.

5x100 Freestyle- 10 sec rest after ea 100- these are hard effort or should be at the top of zone 5. If you don't know what your fast 100 cycle is time yourself swimming a fast 100 and stick to that time/cycle for the set.

5x100 pull buoy set- 10 sec rest after ea 100- odd numbered are hard effort and even numbered are recovery concentrating on form.

200 cool down- freestyle.
total is 3000m but you may add or subtract from each area to fit your time/needs.

Enjoy! Kelly

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